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Matt Siniscalchi

Coach / Instructor

30 years of experiences

ATC -Certified Athletic Trainer

Master Reconditioning & Athletic Development Coach

10 years of experiences

CSCS- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Reconditioning Specialist


Bill Knowles is world-renown in the field of Sports Reconditioning and Athletic Development, with over 30 years of experience at the professional, Olympic, and elite junior levels of sport.  Bill specializes in developing and implementing reconditioning strategies for athletes following injury; from immediate post-operative work through a return to performance.   


As a Certified Athletic Trainer, Bill began his career in 1989 in alpine ski racing at the world renown Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont, USA.  During his fourteen years Bill honed his skills in reconditioning and then moved in the direction of a performance director with an aim in reducing the injury rates through preparing better ski racing athletes.  It was during this experience that Bill clearly understood that the best injury prevention strategy was entwined in the best athletic development process…and this journey was the basis of defining what reconditioning was to become; a performance-based approach for helping athletes following injury.        


Over the last fifteen years Bill has worked with athletes and teams from around the world. He has lectured and trained staff from over 80 professional sports organizations throughout North America, Europe, and Australia; in addition to multiple colleges and universities. This includes governing bodies of sport such as the RFU (England Rugby), The FA, Australian Institute of Sport, Chinese Olympic Committee, US Soccer, US Skiing, The England Institute of Sport, and the NCAA.  Athletes and Teams have utilized Bill’s services including Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Saracens Rugby, Philadelphia Eagles, NY Yankees, Geelong Cats, and the NY Islanders. 


Notable athletes include Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Andy Murray, Peyton Manning, Carson Wentz, Dara Torres, Jonny Wilkinson, Frank Lampard, Nic Naitanui, and Nik Kronwall… to name a few.    


Currently at Knowles Athletic in Philadelphia, PA, Bill has a world-class reconditioning facility to meet the needs of athletes who have been injured, or have chronic performance deficits through an injury history. They immerse themselves for many days or weeks developing a strategy to improve their return to performance and prolong their career. Alternatively, he travels to sports teams, organizations or specific athletes as a consultant.


Bill Knowles was previously involved with iSPORT in Vermont and HPSports in Wayne, PA.  He continues to consult on Athletic Development with the Philadelphia Union Academy.   



Matt Siniscalchi is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and began his journey at Rowan University in New Jersey. He is now 10 years into passionately delivering athletic development and reconditioning programs to many of the worlds top athletes at Knowles Athletic in Philadelphia.


We were fortunate to acquire Matt in 2016 where he spent an intensive year studying Knowles' Reconditioning strategies and delivering Athletic Development programs to the Philadelphia Union Academy.  Matt was quickly promoted to the MLS/Philadelphia Union 1st Team in 2017 and spent two seasons in professional soccer as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach.


Having garnered valuable experience in professional team sport, Matt re-joined Knowles Athletic where he is integral in all Reconditioning and Athletic Development programs.  He is quickly becoming an elite coach.

Under the leadership of Bill Knowles, Matt is bringing his own unique experiences and coaching methods that have added significant value to our program. Matt is a consummate learner, who consistently reaches out to other experts in the field for advice and to share knowledge. Along with Bill Knowles, he continues to consult with the Philadelphia Union Academy.