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Knowles Athletic offers post injury and post operative consultations with athletes, team physicians/medical staff, agents, and performance professionals.

These in-depth discussions can occur face to face at our office or yours. We also conduct video or phone conference calls to include all the necessary people.


  • Consult discussion & recco

  • Consult discussion / physical assessment & recco

  • 1-Day Consult (options)

    • assess / train / recco

    • staff education & assess specific athletes


  • Short-Term Reconditioning Camps

    • Travel to your team for 2-14 days to work with an athlete(s) and/or staff.


LONG-TERM CAMPS:  3-8+ weeks

1 on 1 instruction

3-5 hours/day , 2-3 sessions/day

5-6 days per week

testing and assessments


Knowles Athletic offers post injury and post operative Reconditioning Camps for professional and elite level athletes. Bill Knowles is a Certified Athletic Trainer with over 30 years experience in immediate post-injury & post-operative care; in addition to all stages of the come-back process. Bill is involved at all Camps in his facility, and with his assistant Matt Siniscalchi; the athlete is led down a progressive and intensive reconditioning path for days/weeks/months. The Reconditioning sessions are individualized, the coaching is of the highest quality, the days are long, AND THE RESULTS ARE WORLD-CLASS. 

"Changing the environment" is often the spark an athlete needs to re-focus during a long term injury process. KA provides that change with elite level expertise.  Often, a professional team cannot consistently provide the optimal program for their athlete as they are in-season.  This is where KA has provided a superior option for teams and organizations.   



The facility and environment in Wayne, PA (near Philadelphia) is exceptional and offers reduced loading surfaces via a gymnastic floor, trampoline, and a full size pool. The strategies utilizing these surfaces are unique and offer a competitive advantage for athletes to restore normal movement qualities faster. Multiple high quality indoor and outdoor pitches are available. A fully equipped facility meets the needs of any strength program in addition to the Reconditioning requirements.  



Quality and consistent communication back to the medical team, physicians, GM's, and agents is seamless. Video is used often to record progress and educate those involved. At the conclusion of the Camp, recommendations and a plan are generated to guide the athlete when they return home.



Athletes will find excellent accommodations within minutes of the training facility. There are full service hotels and apartments available with a variety of restaurants and shops.  ​​

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MINI-CAMPS:  2-7 days



1 on 1  or  small group coaching

weekly/monthly program design

specific attention to injury history

testing and assessments

remote video coaching

24/7 availability

Knowles Athletic has designed off-season, in-season, and year-round programs for professional athletes who have a history of injury and are now joint compromised. Specifically addressing their needs is essential to BEST prepare them for the next year...and throughout their career. Paying close attention to the individual needs of an elite athlete is critical for sustained success. It is common that the traditional training methods that worked well for an athlete are no longer optimal based on an injury profile. This new strategy WILL prepare the athlete for competition while also improving their sustainability.  

"easy to get them back...hard to keep them back"

Professional athletes who have an injury history must demonstrate a higher commitment by investing into their physical preparation to decrease their risk of further or future injury. JCA's (joint compromised athletes) have had a neuro-physiological insult to a joint, bone, or tendon; and this creates an altered pathway from the brain for a very long time.  And any new injuries can make the situation worse. At the most basic level the approach is simple... DO THE RIGHT STUFF, DO IT OFTEN, NEVER STOP DOING IT!

Knowles Athletic Mini-Camps serve a critical purpose by simultaneously allowing an assessment, special training programs, education, and planning to take place. It is from this launching point where off-season  programs take on a customized feel where the athlete is very involved in its creation.  At this point, the athlete will have access to videos on specific training movements; can call with questions; and can upload video clips of the training session for further assessment.


Remote Video Coaching (RVC): many pro athletes work best knowing that they are executing the training movements correctly and with proper timing; and they want immediate feedback so there are no waisted reps. RVC can be used periodically, or multiple times per week depending on the athlete's needs to keep them sharp.        








Bill Knowles has lectured around the world for over 20+ years, and has been invited on-stage with many of the most sought after experts in sports medicine and research.  His unique approach and experiences in professional sport make him an excellent candidate for speaking engagements.






WORKSHOPS:   Knowles Athletic will be hosting Professional Development Camps (workshops) 2-3x per year. These are typically small groups (15-20) of professional or elite level strength coaches, physio's, athletic trainers, and performance coaches from around the world. Over a two or three day Camp, Bill Knowles blends the art and science through a smooth transition of lectures (30%) and practical sessions (70%). Bill moves through his Reconditioning strategies and clearly connects how they are entwined in his Athletic Development principles.


  • Look for Workshop dates at Knowles Athletic in Wayne, PA

  • Contact KA for interest in organizing a Workshop in your city or country.



SEMINARS:  Bill Knowles has presented in multiple seminar style meetings with professional teams, sports medicine groups, and performance training centers.  This is where multiple lectures are given throughout the day to a large group of attendees.  These typically have little practical sessions, and are more theory focused.  


DROP-INS:  Knowles Athletic has always has an open door policy for guests to "drop-in" and have a chat.  Often many professional staff are passing through Philadelphia and reach out for a brief visit.  For more organized Professional Development "drop-ins" that last a full day or more; professional development opportunities are available for this as well.   

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